Michigan Lecture Series on Evolution, Medicine, and Public Health

New Evolutionary Foundations for Evolution, Medicine, and Public Health

A Fall Term open lecture series sponsored by the Evolution and Human Adaptation Program (EHAP), the School of Public Health Department of Epidemiology, andthe LS&A Department of Ecology and Evolution

Organized by Randolph Nesse & Betsy Foxman in conjunction with Psych 515 and Epid 509

All lectures Tuesdays at 4 PM in 1755 SPH, the School of Public Health I Auditorium, except as otherwise indicated below

For full information, join the group EHAnnouncements on MCommunity, or send a note to EHAP@umich.edu

 Sept 14 Special Symposium Friday 9 AM-Noon in M1020 SPH II (Large Auditorium)

 World Leaders in Evolutionary Medicine

 Stephen Stearns, Evolutionary Biology, Yale University

Selection in Contemporary Humans: Lessons from Framingham

Sir Peter Gluckman, Pediatrics and Development, University of Auckland, New Zealand

Tentative Title: Development, imprinted genes, and adaptation

Cynthia Beall, Genetics, Case Western Reserve,

Evolution and adaptation to high altitude

(For lunch discussion reservation, send a note to EHAP@umich.edu by 9/7/12))

Sept 18  Gilbert Omenn, Genetics, Bioinformatics, Molecular Medicine, University of Michigan

An Overview of Evolution and Public Health

Sept 25  Bernard Crespi, Evolutionary Biology, University of British Columbia

Where Darwin Meets Freud: Evolutionary Biology and Genetics of Autism, Psychosis, and the Social Brain


Oct 2   Carlo Maley, Center for Evolution and Cancer, UCSF

Special Location Danto Auditorium in the Cardiovascular Center

Tentative title: Evolutionary insights that advance cancer research


Oct 9   James Bull, Molecular Biology, University of Texas at Austin

            Tentative title: Synthetic biology: Evolutionary applications in medicine

(Tue Noon EEB talk: Control and prediction of engineered viral genomes)


Oct 23 Richard Dawkins, Biology, Oxford University  Special Location: Michigan Theatre
Additional Sponsor: The University of Michigan Museum of Natural History

The Magic of Reality (based on his book by that title)


Oct 30    Kenneth Pienta, Cancer Center, University of Michigan

Tentative title: Evolutionary applications in cancer research and treatment


Nov 6  Barbara Natterson, Cardiology, Internal medicine, UCLA

Zoobiquity: What 200 Million Years of Congestive Heart Failure, Brain Tumors, and
Separation Anxiety Can Teach Us About Contemporary Human Health


Nov 13     Daniel Nettle, Center for Behavior and Evolution, University of Newcastle, UK

The long reach of childhood: Why does experience in early-life have such a big effect on adult behaviour?


Nov 20  Special Presentations: Is evolution useful in the clinic, the lab, or both?

Paul Turke, Department of Pediatrics, University of Michigan

Breaking the barriers to Darwinian pediatrics


Alan Weder, Department of Medicine, University of Michigan

Nov 27   William Leonard, Anthropology, Northwestern University

Tentative title: What aspects of modern diets causes chronic disease?


Dec 3  Gillian Bentley, Medical Anthropology University of Durham, UK

Tentative title: Migration, modern environments, and female reproductive disorders


Dec 10 Pejman Rohani, School of Public Health, University of Michigan

            Tentative title: Evolutionary modeling of infectious disease


EHAP is sponsored by LS&A, the Departments of Psychiatry, The Department of Psychology, and the Research Center for Group Dynamics at ISR.  To add your address to the mailing list for weekly updates on each lecture, join the group EHAnnouncements on MCommunity, or send a note to EHAP@umich.edu.


  1. Michelle Blyth
    September 4, 2012    

    These won’t happen to be recorded, will they?

    • The Editors
      September 4, 2012    

      Unfortunately not, but the series at MDIBL was recorded and links will be posted soon.

  2. Peggy Clancy
    October 10, 2012    

    Several people from Toledo want to drive up for the October 23 lecture by Richard Dawkins, Elisabeth Cornwell, and Sean Faircloth. We understand there is no charge for the event, but is it necessary to secure tickets in advance?

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