SSE Symposium at Norman OK Meeting

Evolutionary Medicine Symposium in Honor of George Williams

Sunday, 19 June 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM


Mike Antolin  (Colorado State University),  “Welcome and Introduction”

Randolph Nesse (University of Michigan”,   What evolutionary biology and medicine offer to each other, and reflections on George Williams

Angela Hancock (University of Chicago),  “Adaptations to the environment and disease risk in human populations”

Gilbert Omenn (University of Michigan Medical School),  “Evolution and public health”

Andres Moreno (Stanford University School of Medicine), “Human genome-wide variation and association studies”

Stephen Stearns (Yale University), “Evolution of aging”

Kathy Hanley (New Mexico State University),  “The taming of the flu: How evolution enables and undermines live-attenuated vaccines”

Dyann Wirth (Harvard School of Public Health), “From genes to genomes: genetic diversity in malaria, implications for biology and pathogenesis”

Subhajyoti De (Harvard University), “Structural and epigenetic determinants of cancer genome evolution”

Carl Bergstrom (University of Washington),  “The value of mathematical models in controlling disease evolution”

Irene Eckstrand (NIH)  “Summary and Future Outlook at the Interface between Medicine and Evolution”

Organizers: Michael Antolin (Colorado State U.) and Kristen Jenkins (NESCent)