The results are in for the election of new Officers and Council Members for the International Society for Evolution and Public Health.

  • Stephen Stearns was elected President for a two year term starting at the end of this year’s meeting
  • Grazyna Jasienska was elected Secretary for a two year term.
  • Andrea Graham was elected as Treasurer for a four year term.
  • Marlene Zuk, Barb Natterson-Horowitz, and Isabel Gordo were elected to the Council.

Continuing Council members include the Committee Chairs: Andrew Read, Robert Perlman, Grazyna Jasienska, and Mark Schwartz, the EMPH Editor: Charles Nunn, and past Council members who will attend this year’s meeting:

  • Joe Alcock
  • Andrea Graham
  • Alejandra Nuñez de la Mora
  • Frank Rühli
  • Michelle Blyth