Scientists, scholars, clinicians and students with an interest in evolution and medicine are invited to  join the International Society for Evolution, Medicine, and Public Health or renew their memberships at a 20% discount until December 15.  Use code ISEMPH2018 at checkout

Full Members get many benefits: 

  • Reduced meeting fees (ISEMPH 2019 will be  in Zurich August 13-16)
  • Early notice about events, funding opportunities and the ISEMPH Newsletter
  • A $1000 discount on publication fees for articles in the Society’s journal, Evolution, Medicine & Public Health 
  • A 25% discount on all Oxford University Press academic books (use your email or ISEMPH member number)
  • Notification of new publications in Evolution, Medicine, & Public Health (1 click unsubscribe)
  • Advanced search and download functions for all 1500+ resources on EvMedEd
  • Nomination and voting rights in Society elections
  • Your information listed online to facilitate connections with other members (you can specify what is displayed)
  • Access to more information about other members of ISEMPH
  • Opportunities to collaborate with other members to help develop the field of evolutionary medicine

Gratis membership is also available. It includes only a newsletter subscription and an opportunity to list selected information on the EvMed Network to facilitate connections with others who share your interests

Full information on joining ISEMPH is here.