Selected Videos

If you know of good quality videos or podcasts on topics related to evolution and medicine, please share them by leaving full information in a comment in the box below this post.

Videos from Palo Alto Evolutionary Medicine Conference


Seventeen  videos are now  available on The Palo Alto Institute YouTube Channel, from NEW OPPORTUNITIES AT THE INTERSECTION OF EVOLUTION AND MEDICINE: A GATHERING OF SCIENTISTS AND ENTREPRENEURS.  The conference was held at Stanford University on May 8th, 2012, and sponsored by Stanford University School of Medicine, Department of Neurology and Neurological Sciences, Co-presented by the Palo Alto Institute and The Evolution Institute.
The videos include talks by Randolph Nesse (Keynote) , Andrew Read (Infectious Disease), Athena Aktipis (Cancer), Carlo Maley (Cancer),   Joon Yun (Inducing adaptation), Steven Hayes (Behavior), Bernard Crespi (Genetics), William Leonard (Diet), and Steven Austad (Aging)

• Videos from the Arthur M Sackler Colloquia of the National Academy of Sciences on Evolution in Health and Medicine, April 2009

Lecture on evolutionary medicine by Stephen Stearns, 2009

Overview: Evolution plays an important though underutilized role in medicine. Evolution guides how our bodies respond to various treatments, how pathogens will respond to treatments, and how pathogens’ responses will change over time. Pathogens oftentimes will evolve to an intermediate level of virulence where they become strong enough to infect a host and reproduce, but not so strong as to kill the host before it can spread the pathogen.

• Twelve videos from the Yale Symposia on Evolution in Health and Disease, Feb 2008

YouTube channel for Forsdyke Evolution Academy (Donald R. Forsdyke, Queen’s University, Kingston, Canada).

Uncut interview on Evolution and Medicine with Randolph Nesse, from the ‘The Genius of Charles Darwin’ presented by Richard Dawkins.

The edited interview became an episode in the  Channel 4 UK television series The Genius of Charles Darwin which won “Best TV Documentary Series of 2008” at the British Broadcast Awards. Segments from the interview are also available on YouTube, with many comments.   A DVD of the series should soon be available. Other lectures here.

• NIH podcasts on evolution and medicine are now available online.

They can be accessed from if the below links do not work.

Evolution and Medicine: How New Applications Advance Research and Practice
38 audio visual talks by the world’s leading experts (2007). This is a complete course that covers the breadth of this new field in depth. You can view part of the lectures but need to buy the CD to access them all.
Target Audience: For all those wishing to be briefed on the latest developments in the study and understanding of evolutionary medicine including students of undergraduate and graduate courses in biology, medical and nursing courses and health care clinicians.
Series editor: Randolph Nesse

Evolution, Health and Disease, a Symposium at Hunter College January 19, 2007 to celebrate the 20th Annual International Symposium of the college’s Center for Study of Gene Structure and Function. The symposium was organized by professors Michael Steiper, Christopher Braun, and Weigang Qiu, graduate student Jessica Brinkworth, and center director Robert Dottin.