In the Journal of Molecular Evolution, edited by Konstantinos Voskarides 
(not open access)

  1. EditorialEditorial: A New Bright Era for Evolutionary MedicineKonstantinos VoskaridesPages 1-2Download PDF (552KB) View Article

Abstract: Evolutionary Medicine is a fast-growing research field providing biomedical scientists with valuable information on molecular and pathophysiological mechanisms of disease. Evolutionary theory explains many medical conditions and it can contribute to new innovative treatments. This is the reason that Journal of Molecular Evolution has devoted this issue to Evolutionary Medicine. Nine detailed review papers are included in this issue, analyzing topics that are among the “hottest” subjects of Evolutionary Medicine. All information is up to date and highly valuable for scientists that would like to start their career or get updated on this field.

  1. ReviewFrontiers in Molecular Evolutionary MedicineStephen C. StearnsPages 3-11Download PDF (739KB) View Article
  2. ReviewAntagonistic Pleiotropy in Human DiseaseSean G. ByarsKonstantinos VoskaridesPages 12-25Download PDF (849KB) View Article
  3. ReviewAntimicrobial Resistance in Bacteria: Mechanisms, Evolution, and PersistenceEirini ChristakiMarkella MarcouAndreas TofaridesPages 26-40Download PDF (890KB) View Article
  4. ReviewVirus–Host Coevolution with a Focus on Animal and Human DNA VirusesGyőző L. KajánAndor DoszpolyZoltán László Tarján…Pages 41-56Download PDF (889KB) View Article
  5. ReviewAgeing Throughout History: The Evolution of Human LifespanMarios KyriazisPages 57-65Download PDF (1058KB) View Article
  6. ReviewAllergy in an Evolutionary FrameworkAlvaro DaschnerJuan González FernándezPages 66-76Download PDF (877KB) View Article
  7. ReviewThe Evolutionary History of Human Skin PigmentationJorge RochaPages 77-87Download PDF (1119KB) View Article
  8. ReviewThyroid Hormone Signalling: From the Dawn of Life to the BedsideIordanis MourouzisAngelo Michele Lavecchia…Pages 88-103Download PDF (2323KB) View Article
  9. ReviewAn Evolutionary Perspective on the Impact of Genomic Copy Number Variation on Human HealthMarie SaitouOmer GokcumenPages 104-119Download PDF (1439KB) View Article

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