Henry Stewart Talks offers a series of 51 lectures on Evolutionary Medicine by world experts. They offer expertise and production values beyond what any individual could create, fitting naturally into any course on biology or medicine. Together, they provide a nearly complete course. Almost anyone, student or not, will find them fascinating.

The new overview talk on evolutionary medicine. by Series Editor Randolph Nesse will be open access until September.

Few medical and nursing schools have evolutionary biologists on the faculty members who can teach the fundamentals that are essential for clinical education. These talks provide a ready-made authoritative resource for any Dean who wants students to receive a 21st century education.

Topic covered include:

Fundamentals of Evolution and Medicine (3 Lectures)  

Evolutionary Genetics (5 Lectures)  

Infectious Disease (5 Lectures)  

Defenses (2 Lectures)  

Novel Environmental Factors (6 Lectures)  

Problems Arising From Constraints and Trade-Offs (3 Lectures)  

Sex and Reproduction (6 Lectures)  

Cancer (4 Lectures)  

Specific Body Systems (7 Lectures)  

Mental Disorders (2 Lectures)  

Questions and Answers (1 Lecture)  

Paediatrics (1 Lecture)  

Microbiome (1 Lecture)  

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