ISEMPH 2017 Program

The program for the 2017 ISEMPH meeting in Groningen is below.
An html version with abstracts linked is available here.
A pdf version ISEMPH2017 Program.
Abstracts are published here ISEMPH 2017 abstracts.
Friday, 18 August

Special Lancet series about Evolution and Public Health

This week's issue of The Lancet has three articles in a landmark series about evolution and public health: an overview, an article about human microbe interactions, and the third about reproductive health. All are behind a paywall, but the accompanying  editorial is...

In Memory of Jeremy Taylor, Associate Editor

Jerry Taylor passed away July 17, 2017, at age 70 from pancreatic cancer.  He was an enormous force for good in the field of evolutionary medicine, and a wonderfully creative, critical, and energetic Associate Editor for the Evolution & Medicine Review. He is...