Evolutionary approaches to understanding mental disorders are growing fast. Here are two opportunities to learn more.

On August 5-6 in Durham, UK, the Evolutionary Psychiatry ISEMPH Pre-meeting will bring many leaders in the field together for two days of presentations and discussions…and enjoying each other’s company! You can register just for the Pre-meeting or you can include it as a part of the entire ISEMPH. Full information is here

Presentations from: Paul St. John-Smith (London) on core principles of evolutionary psychiatry, Daniel Nettle (Newcastle and Paris) keynote on evolution and depression, Nikhil Chaudhary (Cambridge) and  Annie Swanepoel (London) on “What we can learn from hunter-gatherers about child and maternal mental health?”  Leif Kennair (Norway) and Henry O’Connell (Ireland) on clinical applications, Robin Dunbar (Oxford) and Randolph Nesse (University of Michigan/Arizona State University) on social evolution theory for understanding relationships and their problems, Riadh Abed (Sheffield, UK) on The Evobiopsychosocial model, and Fabio Zampieri (Padua, Italy) on using historical insights to guide the development of a new field.

On November 22 the 6th International Symposium: Evolutionary Psychiatry Special Interest Group (EPSIG) will offer a wonderful program at the Royal College of Psychiatry London Headquarters. Full information here.

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