The Evolution & Medicine Review
The Department of Anthropology at Baylor University is accepting applications for an assistant (tenure-track) OR associate (tenured or untenured) professor.  This position is open to applicants with research and teaching interests in human health.  Preferred research areas include but are certainly not limited to global health, evolutionary medicine, human biology, health disparities/inequalities, medical anthropology, psychological anthropology/mental health, biomedical anthropology, biocultural anthropology, molecular anthropology, public health, environmental health, health of indigenous and pre-historic populations, and related disciplines.  Applicants whose research have transdisciplinary foci and applied relevance are preferred.  The new faculty member will join a growing department with interest in applied perspectives on human health (from individual to planetary), with a new PhD program in the Anthropology of Health.  Applicants interested in teaching courses like Introduction to Global Health and Medical Anthropology are preferred, although this should not discourage qualified applicants working in any aspect of human health.  Applications should be submitted by September 15, 2023.  To learn more about the above position, the Department of Anthropology, the College of Arts and Sciences, and Baylor University, please visit  Please contact Michael Muehlenbein ([email protected]) with any questions.