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International Society for Evolution, Medicine, & Public Health meeting March 19-21 in Arizona

by | Nov 14, 2014 | Reviews


The International Society for Evolution, Medicine, & Public Health will hold its inaugural meeting March 19-21 in Tempe, Arizona. Early registration and abstract submissions until December 1st. Early registrants receive a substantial discount, and all fees are refundable until February 15th.

This meeting will bring together scientists, scholars, teachers, clinicians, and students in the evolution and medicine community to share ideas and create new connections that will advance the field. This will be the first large open meeting designed to bridge the many different disciplines (e.g. infectious disease, parasitology, primatology, public health, genetics, anthropology, psychology, etc.) where relevant research takes place. Students and clinicians with an interest in the field are especially welcome.The format will include invited speakers, shorter presentations, discussion groups and poster sessions. This meeting is co-sponsored by The Society and the Arizona State University Center for Evolution & Medicine. For full meeting information, please visit  More than half of the available number of registrations available have already been filled.

Crucial dates
  • December 1 , 2014  Deadline for abstract submissions and early registration
  • January 10, 2015  Deadline for student travel award applications
  • January 2015  Notification of abstract acceptance and student travel awards
  • February 15, 2015   Last day for full refund of registration fees
  • March 18, 12 pm – 5 pm Pre-meeting for directors of evolutionary medicine programs.
  • March 19-20, 2015  The meeting at Tempe Mission Palms Hotel in Tempe Arizona.

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Plenary Speakers

  • Harvey Fineberg Institute of Medicine
  • Stephen Stearns Yale University
  • Barbara Natterson-Horowitz UCLA
  • Sir Peter Gluckman University of Auckland
  • Ruslan Medzhitov Yale University
  • Ann Demogines (Omenn Award Winner) BioFire Diagnostics

Confirmed participants include:  Carl Bergstrom, University of Washington  |  Sudhir Kumar, Temple University  |  Daniel Lieberman, Harvard University  | Gilbert Omenn, University of Michigan  Allen Rodrigo, NESCent  |  Frank Rühli, University of Zurich  |  Elizabeth Uhl, University of Georgia  | Robert Perlman, University of Chicago  |  Ajit Varki, UC San Diego  | Gillian Bentley, Durham University | Bernard Crespi, Simon Fraser University  |  David Haig, Harvard University  | Andrew Read, Penn State University | Mark Schwartz, New York University  |  Marlene Zuk, University of Minnesota  |  Cynthia Beall, Case Western University  |  Charles Nunn, Duke University | Randolph Nesse, Arizona State University  |  Carlo Maley, UCSF  |  Athena Aktipis, UCSF |  Wenda Trevathan, New Mexico State University  | Matthew Keller, University of Colorado, Boulder  |  Lewis Wolpert, University College London | Joshua Schiffman, University of Utah | Joseph Alcock, University of New Mexico  |  Kathleen Barnes, Johns Hopkins University | Fabio Zampieri, University of Padua, Italy  | Michael Ruse, Florida State University | Detlev Ganten, World Health Summit, Berlin | Grazyna Jasienska, Jagellonian University, Poland  |  Beverly Strassmann, University of Michigan  |  Daniel Blumstein, UCLS Mark Flinn, University of Missouri  |  Koos Boomsma, University of Copenhagen