The Evolution & Medicine Review

The 25th anniversary celebration of University of Milano-Bicocca in Italy will feature two conferences on evolutionary medicine. All are welcome but registration is required.

June 21 2023. 14:00-17:30
The changing landscape of health: any role for evolutionary medicine?
Speakers include Randolph M. Nesse, University of Michigan; Giorgio Manzi, Sapienza University of Rome; Guido Barbujani, University of Ferrara; Fabio Zampieri, University of Padua; Telmo Pievani, University of Padua; Maurizio Casiraghi, University of Milano-Bicocca; Pietro Invernizzi,  University of Milano-Bicocca
Full information and the registration form are at this link

June 22 2023. 10:15-12:30 
A symposium on evolutionary appraoches to mental health
Speakers include Randolph Nesse, Alfonso Troisi, and Marco Del Guidice
Full information and a registration form are at this link.