The Evolution & Medicine Review

Two new open access articles provide comprehensive authoritative reviews of mismatch. It is wonderful to see work in this area developing so well!

The one by Griffiths and Bourrat offers a comprehensive review with lots of historical context and special emphasis on the role of developmental origins of human disease: Griffiths, P. E., & Bourrat, P. (2023). Integrating evolutionary, developmental and physiological mismatch. Evolution, Medicine, and Public Health, 11(1), 277–286.

The one by Lea offers many specific examples of recent relevant research: Lea, A. J., Clark, A. G., Dahl, A. W., Devinsky, O., Garcia, A. R., Golden, C. D., Kamau, J., Kraft, T. S., Lim, Y. A. L., Martins, D. J., Mogoi, D., Pajukanta, P., Perry, G. H., Pontzer, H., Trumble, B. C., Urlacher, S. S., Venkataraman, V. V., Wallace, I. J., Gurven, M., … Ayroles, J. F. (2023). Applying an evolutionary mismatch framework to understand disease susceptibility. PLOS Biology, 21(9), e3002311.