Two new open access articles provide comprehensive authoritative reviews of mismatch. It is wonderful to see work in this area developing so well!

The one by Griffiths and Bourrat offers a comprehensive review with lots of historical context and special emphasis on the role of developmental origins of human disease: Griffiths, P. E., & Bourrat, P. (2023). Integrating evolutionary, developmental and physiological mismatch. Evolution, Medicine, and Public Health, 11(1), 277–286.

The one by Lea offers many specific examples of recent relevant research: Lea, A. J., Clark, A. G., Dahl, A. W., Devinsky, O., Garcia, A. R., Golden, C. D., Kamau, J., Kraft, T. S., Lim, Y. A. L., Martins, D. J., Mogoi, D., Pajukanta, P., Perry, G. H., Pontzer, H., Trumble, B. C., Urlacher, S. S., Venkataraman, V. V., Wallace, I. J., Gurven, M., … Ayroles, J. F. (2023). Applying an evolutionary mismatch framework to understand disease susceptibility. PLOS Biology, 21(9), e3002311.