Volume 11, Issue 1, 2023 (In Progress). Read the current issue

Original research
Biomarkers or biotargets? Using competition to lure cancer cells into evolutionary traps

Anuraag Bukkuri and Frederick R Adler

The effects of lifestyle change on indicators of cardiometabolic health in semi-nomadic pastoralists
Zane S Swanson and others

The reproductive status determines tolerance and resistance to Mycobacterium marinum in Drosophila melanogaster
Marta Arch and others

Integrating evolutionary, developmental and physiological mismatch
Paul E Griffiths and Pierrick Bourrat

Case study
Using evolutionary principles to make clinical decisions: a case series of urinary tract infections
Michelle Blyth

An evolutionary perspective on social inequality and health disparities: Insights from the producer–scrounger game
Jonathan C K Wells

First impressions of a new face are shaped by infection concerns
Paola Bressan

Disease from opposing forces in regulatory control
Steven A Frank

Clinical Brief
Evolution-informed therapy for kidney disease
Robert L Chevalier

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