EMPH has Oomph: Impact Factor Approved

EMPH has Oomph: Impact Factor Approved

Approval of an impact factor has just been announced for Evolution Medicine and Public Heath, the Open Access journal published by the Oxford University Press for the International Society for Evolution, Medicine, and Public Health. This is a major accomplishment for such a new journal, started by Stephen Stearns just 7 years ago. The specific impact factor will be announced this summer.

Submit your articles now. Or send a note to the editor, Charles Nunn, inquiring about a possible submission. ISEMPH members get a $1,000 discount on author’s fees

As in previous years, the $5,000 George C. Williams prize is awarded to the best paper in the journal each year.

If you’re not already registered for them, you can get “Email Alerts” for EMPH articles. ISEMPH is working with OUP to create a system that sends notifications only when the final pdf version of an article is posted. In the meanwhile, you can create or sign into your free OUP account to specify which of four possible kinds of alerts you want to receive.

New Issue Alerts are sent just after a journal issue closes. Since EMPH is organized in annual volumes, this e-alert is sent only once per year for EMPH.

 In Progress Alerts are sent either daily or weekly and contain any new content that has posted since the prior e-alert. Since EMPH only places corrected proofs in issues, this would probably be the best alert type for most ISEMPH members.

Advance Article Alerts are also sent either daily or weekly and contain any new content that has posted since the prior e-alert. (Again, the user gets to select the frequency.) Only accepted manuscripts are placed here. This will get you a notification of all new content as soon as it publishes.

Article Activity Alerts can be created by each user, if they would like to be notified about any subsequent activity related to a specific manuscript – comments, errata, etc. This is different than Saved Searches, which can also be created by users.

Mismatch Talks at Michigan

Mismatch Talks at Michigan

The University of Michigan Evolution and Human Adaptation Program has a fine series of talks coming up. Thursdays 1:30-3:00 in East Hall on the Ann Arbor campus. See this link for details.

Feb 14th  Beverly Strassman (Michigan)
Feb 21st   Marco Del Giudice (New Mexico)
Feb 28th   Alyssa Crittenden (UNLV)
Mar 14th  William Parker (Duke)
Mar 21st   Shinobu Kitayama (Michigan)
Mar 28th   Stephen Colarelli (Central Michigan)
Apr 4th     Charles Nunn (Duke)
Apr 11th   Bruce Robertson (Bard)
Apr 18th   Douglas Kenrick (ASU)

Share your creations on EvMedEd

Share your creations on EvMedEd

Creating a course on evolution and medicine?  Taking one?  Then you need EvMedEd…and EvMedEd needs you. Your articles, videos, syllabi, and other teaching resources will receive wide attention if you share them on EvMedEd.

EvMedEd provides links to over 1500 authoritative education resources for evolutionary medicine. Teachers and students will find it especially useful, but it is also for scientists, clinicians and anyone curious about how evolutionary biology is being used to understand disease and improve health. It can be used to create evolutionary medicine classes, to add content to other classes, or to find relevant short videos or papers during hospital rounds or informal discussions.

EvMedEd  is sponsored by ISEMPH and the Arizona State University Center for Evolution and Medicine. If you are a Full Members of ISEMPH, log into your account to access advanced options on a special members-only search and download page. If you are not already a member, join by December 15 to get a 20% discount by using the code ISEMPH2019. 

Adding your articles videos and syllabi will bring them to wide attention and will help others create better courses faster. Staff are available for a short time to add your contributions in whatever way is easiest for you. 

So, please contribute your articles and other teaching resources today! Questions? Send a note to Editor@EvMeded.org

ISEMPH Meeting in Zurich

ISEMPH Meeting in Zurich

Discounted early registration and abstract submission are now open.

Join or renew ISEMPH membership at a 20% discount until December 15. Use code “ISEMPH2019” at checkout.  

The Fifth Annual Meeting of the International Society for Evolution, Medicine, and Public Health will be at the University of Zurich, Switzerland August 13-16. Students, researchers, clinicians and others are all welcome. 

ISEMPH 2019 is profoundly interdisciplinary meeting that emphasizes the multiple interfaces between evolutionary biology and human health in medicine, nursing, veterinary medicine, anthropology, evolutionary psychology, behavioral ecology and epidemiology. Students and clinicians at all stages of professional development are especially welcome. Only 300 seats are available, so register early. Cancellations before June 1 are eligible for a refund.

The Hosting Committee is chaired by Frank Rühli, Prof. Dr. Dr. med. (Professor of Evolutionary Medicine,  University of Zurich, Switzerland), and Nicole Bender, MD, PhD (University of Zurich, Switzerland).  
The Program Committee is chaired by Jacobus (Koos) Boomsma, PhD (Chair) , Professor of Evolutionary Biology (University of Copenhagen, Denmark)

Confirmed Keynote Speakers 

  • Prof. Bernard J. Crespi, Simon Fraser University, Canada: How evolutionary biology can frame a unified theory for understanding human mental illness.
  • Prof. Dario Valenzano, Max Planck Institute for Biology of Ageing, Germany: African killifishes shed light on the genomic basis of life history trait evolution in vertebrates.
  • Prof. Kayla King, University of Oxford, UK: Protectors vs. killers: microbes within the host as drivers of pathogen evolution.
  • Prof. Verena Schünemann, University of Zurich, Switzerland: Ancient DNA and pathogens: uncovering the past of human diseases
  • Winners of the George C. Williams Prize and the Gilbert Omenn Prizewill also give plenary talks

The mission of the International Society for Evolution, Medicine, and Public Health’s is to foster communication among scientists, students, clinicians and public health professionals who use evolutionary insights to improve medical research and practice, and information on human health and disease to advance evolutionary biology. Previous meetings have been at Arizona State University, Duke University, Groningen, Netherlands (with ESEB), and Park City, Utah. The 2020 meeting will be at the University of Georgia, the 2021 meeting will be in Lisbon. 

ISEMPH Membership at a 20% Discount

ISEMPH Membership at a 20% Discount

Scientists, scholars, clinicians and students with an interest in evolution and medicine are invited to  join the International Society for Evolution, Medicine, and Public Health or renew their memberships at a 20% discount until December 15.  Use code ISEMPH2018 at checkout

Full Members get many benefits: 

  • Reduced meeting fees (ISEMPH 2019 will be  in Zurich August 13-16)
  • Early notice about events, funding opportunities and the ISEMPH Newsletter
  • A $1000 discount on publication fees for articles in the Society’s journal, Evolution, Medicine & Public Health 
  • A 25% discount on all Oxford University Press academic books (use your email or ISEMPH member number)
  • Notification of new publications in Evolution, Medicine, & Public Health (1 click unsubscribe)
  • Advanced search and download functions for all 1500+ resources on EvMedEd
  • Nomination and voting rights in Society elections
  • Your information listed online to facilitate connections with other members (you can specify what is displayed)
  • Access to more information about other members of ISEMPH
  • Opportunities to collaborate with other members to help develop the field of evolutionary medicine

Gratis membership is also available. It includes only a newsletter subscription and an opportunity to list selected information on the EvMed Network to facilitate connections with others who share your interests

Full information on joining ISEMPH is here.