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See this webpage for upcoming ClubEvMed events and videos of past events. All are welcome but you must sign up ahead of time for these Zoom Webinars that provide a short talk followed by questions and discussion.

Thursday, June 11th at 11am ET Tacit creationism in emotions research Join us for a conversation with Randolph Nesse, Foundation Professor in the School of Life Sciences at Arizona State University. We will discuss his new article, “Tacit Creationism in Emotions Research,” published this week in Emotion Researcher. A pdf version is available here. Sign up here for the meeting link.

Monday, June 15th at 2pm ET Social determinants of health and survival in humans and other animals Join us for a conversation with Jenny Tung, Associate Professor of Evolutionary Anthropology and Biology at Duke, Noah Snyder-Mackler, Assistant Professor in the School of Life Sciences at Arizona State University, and Dan Belsky, Assistant Professor of Epidemiology at Columbia. They’ll be leading a discussion on their recent Science paper, “Social determinants of health and survival in humans and other animals.” Sign up here for the meeting link

ClubEvMed Friday with Joe Alcock on Cytokine Storm

A weekly Zoom meeting led by an expert in some evolutionary medicine-related topic centered around a paper, web resource, or dataset, with opportunities for brief presentation and then discussion. 

Friday, May 15th at 1pm ET: Harmful or helpful? Cytokine storms examined in light of evolution with Joe Alcock

A variety of therapies for COVID-19 are aimed at inhibiting the harmful consequences of a cytokine storm, defined as an exaggerated and out-of-control immune response. Cytokine storms assume that immune responses are often dysregulated and maladaptive, causing more harm than good. Several drugs are proposed to inhibit the cytokine storm in COVID-19, but will these drugs work?

Join us for a conversation with Joe Alcock, emergency physician and professor in the University of New Mexico Department of Emergency Medicine. He will discuss the evidence for immunomodulatory drugs for infection (reviewed here: and consider the concept of a cytokine storm in light of evolutionary medicine. Several evolutionary medicine concepts – the smoke detector principle, immune brinksmanship, mismatch, and cliff-edge effects may explain seemingly excessive immune responses. On the other hand, host-pathogen arms races may result in immune systems that are resistant to medical improvement. Sign up here for the meeting link:

ClubEvMed Live  Friday May 1 at 1PM EDT

ClubEvMed Live Friday May 1 at 1PM EDT

Social distancing in the animal kingdom

Friday, May 1st at 1pm ET

Join us for a conversation with Julia Buck, Assistant Professor of Biology at University of North Carolina at Wilmington, and Dana Hawley, Professor of Biological Sciences at Virginia Tech. They’ll be leading a discussion on what we can learn from behaviors akin to social distancing in nature. They wrote a recent short popular science piece on this topic and also recommend that attendees read a review paper* by Valerie Curtis on this topic entitled “Infection-avoidance behavior in humans and other animals.”

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Join us (virtually) for Club EvMed! These regularly-held virtual meetings are styled around the idea of a journal club, with a different topic and discussion leader each time. Stay connected with the evolutionary medicine community during this time of social distancing by tuning in! You can also view previous webinars at our website.

EvMed Club Tuesday with Vaughn Cooper on Covid-19

EvMed Club Tuesday with Vaughn Cooper on Covid-19

Club EvMed: Ongoing Evolution of SARS-CoV-2: An Evolutionary Medicine Challenge for Research and Teaching

Tuesday, April 14, 2020 at 12:00pm EDT

Join us for a conversation with Vaughn Cooper, Professor of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics, and Computational and Systems Biology at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and Director of the Pittsburgh Center for Evolutionary Biology and Medicine (CEBaM). His educational YouTube videos on the evolutionary biology ( and the ongoing evolution of SARS-CoV-2 ( have been viewed over 13,500 times and will form the basis for this evolutionary medicine conversation.

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